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When massive multiplayer online gamers work together as a team (called “Raids”) to defeat fantasy targets (called “Bosses”) they are repeatedly performing the steps of a Lean Startup – Build, Measure and Learn. For raiders, “build” is working together to achieve the desired outcome of defeating the boss. They have a meta hypothesis – that […]

In a previous post I shared my wonderment of how teams work hard to reach peak performance when they cannot see each other in the gaming world. I see great synergies here with Agile – how different is it when software development is done in a distributed or offshore manner? Let’s take a look at the techniques gaming […]

Over ten years ago I vividly remember the first moment I saw ‘Safe to fail.’ I was working for a large scale telecommunications organisation. Most of us working there were pretty young. With our youth came inexperience. I learnt that through a project re-assignment I was going to have a new manager and was anxious of […]


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