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On my way to someone’s desk at work I overhead a blunt and emotive statement “Agile doesn’t work”. I smiled slightly and hung back to overhear the conversation further. I learnt through listening that the person making the statement was a Product Owner. They were unhappy with the fact that their team hadn’t been delivering on […]

In large enterprises where Agile is being scaled and huge transformation programs are in progress there seems to be a growing trend towards standardization. But what does this actually mean? What benefits can you get from standardizing within Agile transformations and where should you avoid standardization? Terminology/language What would standardization look like? All coaches throughout […]

This is a back to basics post driven from a number of interesting conversations I have had recently. Firstly here is my personal definition of Agile: An umbrella term for the toolbox of light-weight methods, practices and techniques that are focused on working smarter, not harder. So let’s break that quote down. “An umbrella term” […]

This is more of a general FYI post then my usual subjective opinions. Firstly I want to mention the fun stuff – hopefully in the next few weeks you will see the number of contributors on this site grow. It was always my intent for this site to not be just my thoughts but also […]


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