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I was recently reading a thread on the Agile Alliance group on Linked In where Matthew Weaver was asking for some thoughts about why Waterfall is demeaned by those that follow Agile and Scrum. The thread to me got very interested when Scott Ambler brought some metrics to the argument. Challenged: A project is considered challenged …

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I had the lovely pleasure tonight to see Jean Tabaka in action at the Brisbane YOW night. Topic in reflection: 12 Agile Adoption Failure Modes. My interest was immediately peaked when the opening question was “Ask the four or five people around you what are some of the key causes for an Agile Implementation to …

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A fellow coach, lets call him Dr Evil, was recently describing the fun that he was having on an Agile coaching assignment. He was tasked to work with a small PMO (thats project… or in this case Program Management Office) among a number of other teams. He put on a cheeky grin like Dr Evil and I …

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