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Star Trek’s The Borg have a few things going for themselves. The first is that they ignore concepts/cultures/planets that are already well understood. They only seek that of which is new or different. I liken this to Alistair Cockburn’s Oath of Non-Allegiance: I promise not to exclude from consideration any idea based on its source, but to consider …

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I know there has been a slump in blog postings from me recently but there has been a reason that I am very excited about. After much blood, sweat and tears (by Tony) I am now proud to present the first few podcasts of  ‘The Agile Revolution’. Tony, Craig and myself are hoping to get some regular …

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I cannot take credit for a sassy title. In a fantastic realisation by a number of Social Neuroscience experts at the National University of Singapore (Annett Schirmer, Keng Soon Teh, Shuo Wang, Ranjith Vijayakumar, April Ching, Darshini Nithianantham, Nicolas Escoffier & Adrian David Cheok) have proof that physical touch influences our ability to empathize with and support the toucher. You can checkout the …

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