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For a while now I have been discombombulated. The cause of my confusion and desperation has been around the issue of management.  I am not talking about Leadership. Leaders are people (whether in a position of hierarchy or not) that naturally foster an environment of collaboration, understanding and consensus. No, what I am talking about …

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When massive multiplayer online gamers work together as a team (called “Raids”) to defeat fantasy targets (called “Bosses”) they are repeatedly performing the steps of a Lean Startup – Build, Measure and Learn. For raiders, “build” is working together to achieve the desired outcome of defeating the boss. They have a meta hypothesis – that …

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I wrote a little while ago about Gamification in Software Development and how it relates to Agile. Within that blog I said that I would get back to explaining Achievements more. And so here it is. Well, actually there it is. When I originally started to write about Achievements and just how powerful they are …

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