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Find your path to agility with Renee Troughton

Renee is an experienced, highly passionate and entertaining presenter. She is available for 40 minute to one hour presentations including Keynotes on topic such as:

The Agile Smorgasbord

With seventy percent of the world using Scrum this presentation takes a look at all the alternative Agile methods, frameworks and movements out there to take agility to the next level. Done in a Pecha Kucha style, each element incorporates:
  • The type of method (framed against the Enterprise Agility Model)
  • The audience for the method; and
  • The problem domain that the method attempts to provide a strategy for

Scaling without SAFe

Is using SAFe the only safe way to scale agile? This presentation takes a look at and alternative approach to scaling including:
  • The differences between a Daily Scrum and a Scrum of Scrums
  • Product Ownership scaling
  • The Scrum Super Cell
  • Portfolio Kanban
  • Inception and governance at scale
  • Scaling the number of teams for a product; and
  • Handling continuous improvement at scale.

The Enterprise Agility Model

What is enterprise agility? Most implementations of Agile and Lean look at how it applies to teams first. This is often successful, but there then appears to be a barrier that cannot be overcome, even with scaling Agile methods such as SAFe. As the world’s forefront thoughtleader of the enterprise agile model, Renee introduces what enterprise agility really is and puts the current models in their place, highlighting:
  • The model
  • Examples of current popular Agile approaches and how they fit against the model
  • How to apply the model to your enterprise transformation
  • How, using the model, you can identify gaps in the transformation, or how to better plan progress of transformation
  • How, using the model, you can identify key change impact areas and mitigate/plan more effectively against these areas.

Renee has presented at:

  • Sydney Project Managers 2013: The role of  Project Manager in Agile
  • Agile Australia 2013: Visual Management
  • Agile Sydney: Value Trees
  • Agile Tour 2013: Non Violent Communication
  • Agile Tour 2013: Sudokuban – A Kanban game in practice
  • Agile Australia 2012: Agile Governance
  • Kanban Leadership Retreat 2012 : Lean Startup
  • Lean and Agile Systems Thinking 2012: Gamification and Agile
  • Lean and Agile Systems Thinking 2012: Lean Startup
  • Agile Australia 2011: A Rogue’s take on the 4Cs – Culture Change Costs Currency
  • Wellington IIBA 2010: The future of the Business Analyst role with Agile
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