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A friend of mine recently posted an interesting blog promoting that agile does not require a compliance framework and asked for some review feedback. As I began my tirade back I realised that it wasn’t really feedback, but more an alternative view of the blog and vowed to post the reply to it as per below. I would like to note that in essence I don’t disagree with the post but wanted to present a devil’s advocate perspective.

Although agile is not a prescription my question is “when does it no longer become agile”  – at what point does a project shift away so significantly that it dives into the realm of chaos?
Is it when it doesn’t follow all values? Is it when it doesn’t follow 50% of principles? Is it when x,y,z isn’t done?
Why does this matter? Because I’m sick of Agile being tarnished with the “is bad” brush when projects are only following chaos.  (You only have to read up one more blog post to see that others feel the same way.)
I’ve seen plenty of waterfall projects succeed. I’ve seen plenty of them fail too, but they failed not predominantly because of waterfall but because they fell into chaos.
We are following the same pattern, just with a new methodology.

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