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I know there has been a slump in blog postings from me recently but there has been a reason that I am very excited about. After much blood, sweat and tears (by Tony) I am now proud to present the first few podcasts of  ‘The Agile Revolution’.

Tony, Craig and myself are hoping to get some regular Agile focussed podcasting up for the community. These will have us chatting about cool blogs that we have found, focussed and in depth conversations on Agile related topics, practices, techniques and most importantly questions from you!

We will also try really hard to get some guest presentors in the mix, so let me know if you have an interest and what you have a drive to present on.

The first episode is a bit of a belated look at the June Agile Australia conference, whilst the second episode is a start of a regular format.

What do we need? Questions and feedback from you! So please have a listen to podcast and give us some feedback on what you would to see more and less of. Most importantly we need some questions from you to answer whilst in the podcast so send them through to or tweet them to ‘TheAgilePodcast’.

The iTunes feeder should also be up and running within the next few days (for the iPhone users out there).

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