Agile Forest

Find your path to agility with Renee Troughton

The outward delusion.

A shaman, a seer,

a parent and teacher,

without fear.


If you don’t know

you cannot see.

If I tell you

I cannot be.


Only in the silence

does truth lie.

Only in the journey

do you try.


Don’t fight for time,

nor status or power,

but for the moment,

the second, not hour.


All other realities

are just an illusion.

Only the choice matters.

The inward delusion.

One thought on “Ode to an Agile Coach

  1. Okay, this is very far left field of what I normally do, but I have been aching to tell this story (and yet you can see I didn’t really tell it either).

    This is a story about me. And it is a story about others. If you want to know more, send me a tweet and I can illuminate the curious.

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