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In a query that recently spammed the Agile universe by Abder-Rahman Ali was a question posed about the difference between User Stories and Software Requirements Specifications, specifically 1) Do you think that “user story” is just a fancy name for SRS? 2) How do you compare a “user story” to “SRS”? 3) Do you think that …

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Version One have released their annual State of Agile Development Survey for 2012. Co-inciding with this they also released a blog titled the ‘Top 10 Things the State of Agile Development Survey Won’t Tell You’ which I excitedly opened only to find it was a joke blog post. This was slightly disappointing as I love …

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Jvonvoss at recently did a very interesting blog – A World without Burndowns: The Unified Taskboard. It was an interesting concept – use your done column to replace your burn down chart. Normally a taskboard will look like this:   The done column is just a list of everything that the team has achieved. …

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