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Inventory waste. It is one of the eight forms of Lean waste. It is work in progress or finished goods which are not having value added to them. In software development inventory waste is best represented in the queued activities in between the hand offs from individual to individual. If using a complicated board, you …

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Version One have released their annual State of Agile Development Survey for 2012. Co-inciding with this they also released a blog titled the ‘Top 10 Things the State of Agile Development Survey Won’t Tell You’ which I excitedly opened only to find it was a joke blog post. This was slightly disappointing as I love …

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Jvonvoss at recently did a very interesting blog – A World without Burndowns: The Unified Taskboard. It was an interesting concept – use your done column to replace your burn down chart. Normally a taskboard will look like this:   The done column is just a list of everything that the team has achieved. …

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